Our Policies


  1. Sunday through Thursday rental agreements require a non-refundable rental deposit of 50% of the rental charge. The rental deposit may be refunded only if written cancellation is received at least six months prior to the event.
  2. A rental deposit of 50% of contract price is required for all Friday and Saturday rentals. The rental deposit will be applied to contract balance at the time of the event. In the event of damage or vandalism additional charges may be assessed by Main Event.
  3. Guest conduct: The Main Event requires guest conduct which is considerate of all patrons. This conduct includes conducting oneself as to maintain publically accepted behavior standards and not instigate misconduct or mischief. The person that signs the rental agreement will be held responsible for any personal or property damage that results from misconduct during the time of the rental agreement.
  4. Food service is available through catering services only. On-site cooking facilities are not available for food preparation. Cookware, utensils, counter top appliances, dishes are NOT available.
  5. Main Event does not permit affixing anything to the walls, floor, or ceilings with nails, staples, tacks, or tape unless prior approval is received. Use of candles is prohibited.
  6. Any property that is brought in by patron or their guests and left either during or following the event shall be at the sole risk of the patron or guest. Main Event is not liable for loss or damage of this property.
  7. Children should be supervised at all times.
  8. In compliance with Iowa’s “NO SMOKING” law, smoking is only permitted outside.
  9. Main Event reserves the right to refuse service and/or remove any patron whose conduct is deemed disorderly and/or disruptive by the staff of Main Event.
  10. Main Event shall not be held liable for nonperformance of the contract should nonperformance be caused by an act of God or other events or circumstances which are beyond the reasonable control of Main Event.
  11. Main Event shall not be held responsible for any services contracted by you.


Alcoholic beverage service is available with a minimum $500.00 bar service that must be met with Friday and Saturday night rental agreement. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through Main Event. Guests will be carded. NO alcohol may be taken into or from the premises. Guests may bring bottled water but are NOT permitted to bring soft drinks. All alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are purchased through Main Event.